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Profit and Loss

Profit and Loss Account for the year ended

Amount (in Rs. Ps)
Profit and loss for the year ended Sch No. For the year ended 31.03.2023 For the year ended 31.03.2022
Interest earned 13 1,54,67,97,812.67 1,51,76,30,008.70
Other Income 14 7,36,52,079.78 6,57,15,936.14
Total (A) 1,62,04,49,892.45 1,58,33,45,944.84
II. Expenditure
Interest expended 15 1,14,42,09,725.10 1,16,71,65,021.11
Operating expenses 16 37,91,27,261.44 25,16,76,333.60
Provisions and contingencies 7,27,22,099.12 15,36,61,727.05
Total (B) 1,59,60,59,085.66 1,57,25,03,081.76
III. Profit/Loss
Net Profit before Tax (A-B) 2,43,90,806.79 1,08,42,863.08
Income Tax
a)Current Tax 61,39,166.07 27,79,025.81
b) Other Tax adjustments of earlier years 28,79,774.77
Profit after Tax 1,82,51,640.72 51,84,062.50
Profit/Loss (-) brought forward 13,11,537.48 16,90,747.69
Total 1,95,63,178.21 68,74,810.19
IV. Appropriations
Transfer to statutory reserves 58,74,447.66 29,86,763.32
Transfer to other reserves 1,06,34,693.42 25,76,509.39
Balance carried over to balance sheet 30,54,037.12 13,11,537.48

For S E V & Associates.,
Chartered Accountants FRN No: 016212S


CA Sudhakara Reddy S
(Partner)M.No. 224539

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