Short Tender Notice for Purchase of UPS, Batteries and Stabilizer Short Tender Notice for CPU's and Laptops Unclaimed Deposits Policy Notification for the IS Audit Quotation Tender for CCTV Camera Systems Quotation For Order Tender for Voltas Water Despencer (500 watt) Quotation Call Notice - AMC for One Year to Note Sorting Machines H.O and Branches Short Tender Notice for Conference System Polycom Studio (Camera Speaker and Mic) Tender for Making of New Year-2024 Calenders (15000) UNCLAIMED DEPOSITS Inoperative Accounts KYC Tender for counters,cabins,partitions and glass work in our branches Branch Wise Inoperative Accounts List Tender Notice for Voltas Pure-R Water Dispencer with Refrigerator (500 watt) Tender Notification for CCTV Camera Systems Notification for Chief Executive Officer of DCCBs in the State of Andhra Pradesh for the FY 2023-24 APPLICATION FOR THE COMMON SELECTION OF CHIEF EXECUTIVE OFFICERs Short Tender Notice Tender Notice For CCTV Camera Systems/2022-2023 Tender Notice for Note Sorting Machine (1+1 pocket) Tender Notice for Burglar Alarms Auction Notice Short Notice for Cattle and Live Stock Insurance Policy for the Year 2023-24 TENDER SCHEDULE FOR "CCTV Camera Systems." Quotations Called for Employees Mediclaim Policy Tender for Bankers Indemnity Policy for Year 2023-24. Tender for Construction of the bank Buildings ANNEXURE

 Contact Details of Chief Executive Officers of PACS

S.No Branch Name of the PACS PACS CEO Contact No Postal Address
1 Addanki K.V.Palem M.Khaza Rao 9666888860 K.V.Palem P.O,BALLIKURAVA Mandalam,Prakasam District
2 Addanki Dharmavaram Ch.Ch.Anka Rao 9985686650 Dharmavaram P.O, ADDANKI Mandalam,Prakasam District
3 Addanki J.V.Palem D.Ashok 9912729914 J.V.Palem P.O,J.PANGULUR Mandalam,Muppavaram Hq, Prakasam District
4 Addanki Manikeswaram Sk.Umar Rahim 9676324020 Manikeswaram P.O, ADDANKI Mandalam,Prakasam District
5 Addanki Gowada M.Venkateswarlu 9502248971 Gowad P.O,ADDANKI Mandalam,Prakasam District
6 Addanki Kotapadu K.Vijaya Malla Reddy 9542523537 Kotapadu P.O,J.PANGULUR Mandalam,Prakasam District
7 Addanki Nagulapadu D.Ramanjaneyulu 9705057722 Nagulapadu P.O,ADDANKI Mandalam,Addanki Hq, Prakasam District
8 Addanki Kothuru Ch.Rajesh 90591233143 Kotturu P.O,BALLIKURAVA Mandalam,Prakasam District
9 Addanki Vaidana M.P.Mallikarjuna Rao 9000035973 Vaidana P.O,BALLIKURAVA Mandalam,Prakasam District
10 Addanki Kukatlapalli P.Koteswara Rao 9553818279 Kukatlapalli P.O,BALLIKURAVA Mandalam,Prakasam District
11 Addanki Vallapalli N.Gopala Krishna Murthy 9959813057 Vallapalli P.O,BALLIKURAVA Mandalam,Prakasam District
12 Addanki Modepalli M.Koteswara Rao 9642463956 Modepalli P.O,ADDANKI Mandalam,Prakasam District
13 B.Nidamanur B.Nidamanur N.Satya Narayana 9581830707 B.Nidamanur P.O,NAGALUPPALAPADU Mandalam,Prakasam District
14 B.Nidamanur Prasangulapadu G.Raj Kumar 9866209895 Prasangulapadu P.O,NAGALUPPALAPADU Mandalam,Prakasam District
15 B.Nidamanur Kandlagunta A.Venka Reddy 9010755078 Kandlagunta P.O,NAGALUPPALAPADU Mandalam,Prakasam District
16 B.Nidamanur Chadalawada B.Balaji 9491706056 Chadalawada P.O,NAGALUPPALAPADU Mandalam,Prakasam District
17 Bestavaripet Bestavaripeta K.Rami Reddy 8096278100 Besthavaripeta P.O,BESTAVARIPET Mandalam,Prakasam District
18 Bestavaripet Gajijerugulla G.Kiran Kumar 9494899525 Galijergulla P.O,BESTAVARIPET Mandalam,Bestavaripeta Hq, Prakasam District
19 Bestavaripet Cumbum K.Lakshmi Narayana 9912049756 Cumbum P.O,CUMBUM Mandalam,Prakasam District
20 Bestavaripet Ardhaveedu1 P.Yerra Reddy 9949712238 Ardhaveedu P.O,ARDHAVEEDU Mandalam,Prakasam District
21 Chirala Chirala T.Krishna Murthy 9290936441 Chirala P.O,CHIRALA Mandalam,Prakasam District
22 Chirala Pandillapalli P.Venkata Swamy 9000028215 Pandillapalli P.O,VETAPALEM Mandalam,Prakasam District
23 Chirala Santharavuru Chaitanya Krishna 9705811495 Santharavuru P.O,CHINAGANJAM Mandalam,Prakasam District
24 Chirala Chintagumpalli P.Venkata Rao 9290537846 Chinthagumpalli P.O,CHINAGANJAM Mandalam,Gonasapudi Hq, Prakasam District
25 Chimakurthy Chimakurthy G.Ramanjaneya Reddy 9573739091 Chimakurthy P.O,CHIMAKURTHY Mandalam,Prakasam District
26 Chimakurthy Pallamalli G.V.Ramanaiah 8466032411 Pallamalli P.O, Chimakurthy Mandalam, Prakasam District.
27 Chimakurthy Gudipudivaripalem K.Venkata Rao 9866690668 Gudipudivari P.O,CHIMAKURTHY Mandalam,Prakasam District
28 Chimakurthy Gadiparthivaripalem S.Mallikarjuna Reddy 9550492477 Gadiparthivaripalem P.O,CHIMAKURTHY Mandalam,Prakasam District
29 Chimakurthy Kunamnenivaripalem L.Krishna Reddy 9848136266 Kunamanenivaripalem P.O,CHIMAKURTHY Mandalam,Prakasam District
30 Chimakurthy Gummalampadu Ch.S.K.M.Prasad Rao 9704458164 Gummalampadu P.O,SANTHANUTHALAPADU Mandalam,Prakasam District
31 Darsi Darsi P.Sanjeeva Rao 9550721494 Darsi P.O,DARSI Mandalam,Prakasam District
32 Darsi Pasupugallu K.V.V.Narasaiah 8106850970 Pasupugallu P.O,MUNDALAMURU Mandalam,Ullagallu Hq, Prakasam District
33 Darsi Marella T.Ramanjaneyulu 7382119500 Marella P.O,MUNDALAMURU Mandalam,Prakasam District
34 Darsi Singannapalem K.Eswara Rao 8885522432, 9989184980 Singannapalem P.O,MUNDALAMURU Mandalam,Prakasam District
35 Darsi N.B.Palem P.Srinivasa Reddy 9000975597 N.B.palem P.O,TALLUR Mandalam,Prakasam District
36 Darsi East Venkatapuram K.Rarasaiah East Venkatapuram P.O,DARSI Mandalam,Rajampeta Hq, Prakasam District
37 Darsi Mundlamuru S.Venkateswarlu 9985438387 mundlamuru P.O,MUNDALAMURU Mandalam,Prakasam District
38 Darsi Mannepalli K.Anji Reddy 9666058715 Mannepalli P.O,TALLUR Mandalam,Prakasam District
39 Darsi Umamaheswarapuram R.Sankar 9949934711 Umamaheswarapuram P.O,MUNDALAMURU Mandalam,Prakasam District
40 Darsi Boppidivaripalem B.Bala Krsihna 9912348808 Boppidivaripalem P.O,MUNDALAMURU,Prakasam District
41 Giddalur Giddalur Rural Bank B.Koteswara Reddy 9966360673 Giddalur R.B P.O,GIDDALUR Mandalam,Prakasam District
42 Giddalur Sanjeevaraopet T.Ramana Reddy 9573312680 Sanjivaraopet P.O,GIDDALUR Mandalam,Prakasam District
43 Giddalur Komarole R.Dileep Kumar 9703456733 Komarole P.O,KOMAROLE Mandalam,Prakasam District
44 Giddalur Idamakal M.Venkateswara Reddy 7658956717 Idamakallu P.O,KOMAROLE Mandalam,Prakasam District
45 Giddalur Ramapuram S.Anji Kumar 7093131627 Ramapuram P.O,RACHERLA Mandalam,Prakasam District
46 Giddalur Racherla T.Ramesh 8500249570 Racherla P.O,RACHERLA Mandalam,Prakasam District
47 Inkollu Thimmasamudram K.Rama Krishna 9849329319 Timmasamudram P.O,NAGALUPPALAPADU Mandalam
48 Inkollu Inkollu B.Issak 9502498289 Inkollu P.O,INKOLLU Mandalam,Prakasam District
49 Inkollu Budawada V.Anjaiah 9502262901 Budawada P.O,J.PANGULUR Mandalam,Prakasam District
50 Inkollu Pavulur B.Rama Rao 8121087259 Pavulur P.O,INKOLLU Mandalam,Prakasam District
51 Inkollu Bhimavaram G.Sreenu 9177931743 Bhimavaram P.O,INKOLLU Mandalam,Prakasam District
52 Inkollu Chandalur P.Srinivasa Rao 8185982155 Chandalur P.O,J.PANGULUR Mandalam,Prakasam District
53 Inkollu Koniki Ch.Srinivasa Rao 9949676815 Koniki P.o,Inkollu Mandalam,Gangavaram Hq, Prakasam District
54 Inkollu Daggubadu P.Hanumantha Rao 8374834909 Daggubadu P.O,KARAMCHEDU Mandalam,Prakasam District
55 Inkollu N.V.Palem P.Rajesh 9492537140 N.V.Palem P.O,KARAMCHEDU Mandalam,Prakasam District
56 Inkollu Janakavaram N.Lakshmi Devi 9502216818 Janakavaram P.O,J.PANGULUR Mandalam,J.Pangulur Hq, Prakasam District
57 Kanigiri Muppallapadu 9676089012 Muppalapadu P.O,HANUMANTHUNIPADU Mandalam and HQ,Prakasam District
58 Kanigiri P.C.Palli K.C.Mahaboob Basha 9346751267 P.C.Palli P.O,P.C.PALLI Mandalam,Prakasam District
59 Kanigiri Veligandla P.V.Ramaiah 9177477145 VELIGANDLA P.O,VELIGANDLA Mandalam,Prakasam District
60 Kanigiri Kanigiri Sk.Moula Saheb KANIGIRI P.O,KANIGIRI Mandalam,Prakasam District
61 Kanigiri Sri Muralidara Lingareddy palli P.O, Kanigiri Mandal, Prakasam District
62 Kandukur Palukur E.Sri Teja 9052333098 Palukur P.O, KANDUKUR Mandalam,Prakasam District
63 Kandukur Mahadevapuram P.Mallikarjuna Rao 7416623001 Mahadevapuram P.O, KANDUKUR Mandalam,Prakasam District
64 Kandukur Cherukuru J.Raja Reddy 8008136688 Cherukur P.O, PONNALUR Mandalam,Prakasam District
65 Kandukur Muppalla P.Brahmaiah 9704200885 Muppalla P.O, PONNALUR Mandalam,Prakasam District
66 Kandukur Pokuru B.Madhu 9676400643 Pokur P.O, VALETIVARIPALEM Mandalam,Prakasam District
67 Kandukur Yerrareddypalem K.Venkateswarlu 8125941992 Yerrareddypalem P.O, Lingasamudram Mandalam, Prakasam District
68 Kandukur Valetivaripalem S.Naveen Babu 9866666146 Valetivaripalem PO,Valetivaripalem Mandal,Prakasam District
69 Kandukur Thunugunta M.Malyadri 9666239248 Thunugunta PO,Lingasamudram Mandalam, Veera Raghavuni Kota Hq, Prakasam District
70 Kandukur Ponnaluru V.Manoj Kumar Ponnalur PO,Ponnaluru mandalam,Prakasam District
71 Kandukur Gudluru G.Koteswara Rao 9441370410 Gudluru PO,Gudluru mandalam,Prakasam District
72 Kandukur Mopadu P.Hari Krishna 9700663622 Mopadu PO,kandukaru mandalam,Prakasam District
73 Kandukur Darakanipadu S.Deva Dasu 9948588312 Darakanipadu PO,Gudluru mandalam,Prakasam District
74 Kandukur Chinapavani G.Yesuratnam 8374815370 Chinapavani PO,Lingasamudram mandalam,Prakasam District
75 Kandukur Mogilicherla P.Brahmaiah 9959495711 Mogilicherla PO,Lingasamudram mandalam,Prakasam District
76 Kandukur Oguru Allam Venkateswarlu 9989604569 Oguru Po,kandukur mandalam,Prakasam District
77 kondepi Chodavaram D.Nagarjuna 9666570544 Chodavaram PO,Kondepi mandalam,Prakasam District
78 kondepi Kondapi N.Pavan Kumar 9492378294 kondepi PO,Kondepi mandalam,Prakasam District
79 Kurichedu Kurichedu G.Ch.Koteswara Rao 9963193147 Kurichedu PO,Kurichedu mandalam,Prakasam District
80 Kurichedu West Veerayapalem G.Ch.Koteswara Rao West Veerayapalem PO,kuricedu Mandalam,Prakasam District
81 Kurichedu West Kambhampadu A.Veera Brahmam 9948346534 West Kambhampadu PO,Donakonda Mandalam,Aravellipadu Hq, Prakasam District
82 Kurichedu Namassivayapuram Namassivayapuram 9849306847 N.S.Puram PO,Kurichedu mandalam,Prakasam District
83 Karamchedu Kunkalamarru M.Ravindra Vasu 9296707099 Kunkalamarru PO,Karamchedu Mandalam,Prakasam District
84 Karamchedu Karamchedu Ganta Mallaiah Chowdary 9908800156 Karamchedu PO,Karamchedu Mandalam,Prakasam District
85 Karamchedu Swarna L.Pothu Raju 9493968640 Swarna PO,Karamchedu Mandalam,Prakasam District
86 Karamchedu Kodavalivaripalem K.Srinivasa Rao 9948709745 Kodavalivaripalem PO,Karamchedu Mandalam,Prakasam District
87 Martur Bobbepalli K.Mastan Rao 9701927033 Bobbepalli PO,Martur Mandalam,Martur Hq, Prakasam District
88 Martur Kolalapudi S.John Saidulu 9948991175 KolalapudiPO,Martur Mandalam,Prakasam District
89 Martur Bollapalli K.Butchaiah 9603465859 Bollapalli PO,Martur Mandalam,Prakasam District
90 Martur Prakasam FSCS G.Padmavathi 7799156122 Yaddanapudi p.o,Yaddanapudi mandalam,Prakasam District
91 Martur Kondamanjuluru Y.Sudhakar 9908064946 Kondamanjulur PO,J.Pangulur Mandalam,Prakasam District
92 Martur Valaparla E.Nageswara Rao 9505286471 ValaparlaPO,Martur Mandalam,Prakasam District
93 Martur Pnuru B.Lakshmaiah 9963229577 PunurPO,Yaddanapudi Mandalam,Prakasam District
94 Martur Dronadula P.Sambasiva Rao 9100663968 9100663968
95 Martur Nagarajupalli 9550320289 Nagarajupalli PO,Martur Mandalam,Prakasam District
96 Martur K.Rajupalem M.Prasad 9866299004 K.Rajupalem PO,Ballikurava mandalam,Prakasam District
97 Martur Darsi Sreerama M.Ramakoteswara Rao 8143122285 Darsi Sreerama PO,Martur Mandalam,Prakasam District
98 M.Nidamalur M.Nidamalur A.Surekha 9493504270 M.Nidamalur PO,Tangutur mandalam,Prakasam District
99 M.Nidamalur Karumanchi A.Srikanth 8499966014 Karumanchi PO,Tangutur mandalam,Prakasam District
100 Markapur Pedda Dronala B.Gurava Rao 7702291463 Pedda Dornala PO,Dornala Mandalam,Prakasam District
101 Markapur Peddaraveedu R.Ramana Reddy 9642343524 P.Araveedu PO,Pedaaraveedu Mandalam,Prakasam District
102 Markapur Tarlupadu T.Ch.Kasaiah 9490442518 Tarlupadu PO,Tarlubadu Mandalam,Prakasam District
103 Markapur Markapur B.Kasaiah 9542190135 Markapur PO,Markapur Mandalam,Prakasam District
104 Markapur Chatlamitta IC / Supervisor Chatlamitta PO,Pedaaraveedu Mandalam,Prakasam District
105 Markapur Mittameedipalli IC / Supervisor Mittamidipalli PO,Markapur Mandalam,Prakasam District
106 Parchur Nuthalapadu V.Purna Chandra Rao 9666559320 Nuthalapadu PO,parchur Mandalam,Prakasam District
107 Parchur A.B.V.Palem N.Nageswara Rao 9948318664 ABV.Palem PO,parchur Mandalam,Prakasam District
108 Parchur Audipudi D.Amare Satyanarayana 900030608 Audipudi PO,Karamchedu Mandalam,Prakasam District
109 Parchur B.Mandagunta K.Jyothi Krshna Babu 9498845457 B.Mandagunta PO,parchur Mandalam,Prakasam District
110 Parchur Veerannapalem Y.Butchaiah 7416285581 Veerannapalem PO,parchur Mandalam,Prakasam District
111 Parchur Komarnenivaripalem D.Neeraja 8985872455 Komaranenivaripalem PO,parchur Mandalam,Prakasam District
112 Parchur Parchur N.Chanda Saheb 8125918270 Parchur PO,parchur Mandalam,Prakasam District
113 Parchur Pothukatla K.Ramana Kumar Pothukatla PO,parchur Mandalam,Prakasam District
114 Parchur Ramanayapalem N.Sivaiah 9666427950 Ramanayapalem PO,parchur Mandalam,Prakasam District
115 Parchur Adusumalli D.Srinivsa Rao 9949112244 Adusumalli PO,parchur Mandalam,Prakasam District
116 Parchur Nagulapalem Sk.Karimulla 8341013353 Nagulapalem PO,parchur Mandalam,Prakasam District
117 Pamuru Pamuru N.Adisesha Reddy 9000308024 Pamuru PO,Pamuru Mandalam,Prakasam District
118 Pamuru C.S.Puram K.Sreenivasulu Reddy 9701491605 C.S.Puram PO,C.S Puram Mandalam,Prakasam District
119 Podili Regadapalli U.Ramana Reddy 8019077730 Regadepalli PO,Konakalamitla Mandalam,Nagarajukunta Hq, Prakasam District
120 Podili Chimata Nalluri Ashok 9177792388 Chimata PO,Mrripudi Mandalam,Prakasam District
121 Podili Chinarikatla Y.Mastanaiah 8185047121 Chinarikatla PO,Konakalamitla Mandalam,Prakasam District
122 Podili Madalavaripalem M.V.Sudhakara Rao 9553609003 Madalavaripalem PO,Podili Mandalam,Prakasam District
123 Ravinuthala Somavarappadu Y.Satish 9440024605 Somavarappadu PO,Korisapadu Mandalam,Korisapadu Head Quarters, Prakasam District
124 Ravinuthala Nejellapalli A.Ravindra Babu 9492978359 Nujellapalli PO,J.Pangulur Mandalam,Prakasam District
125 Ravinuthala Kopperapadu N.Venu Babu 9849794094 Kopperapadu PO,J.Pangulur Mandalam,Prakasam District
126 Ravinuthala Pamidipadu P.Sreedhar 9959596374 Pamidipadu PO,Korisapadu Mandalam,Prakasam District
127 Ravinuthala Thimmanapalem S.Koteswara Rao 9848419430 Thimmanapalem PO,Korisapadu Mandalam,Prakasam District
128 Ravinuthala Daivalaravuru P.Sai Siva Prasad 9966558131 Daivalaravuru PO,Korisapadu Mandalam,Prakasam District
129 Ravinuthala Ravinuthala K.Navani 9642425729 Ravinuthala PO,Korisapadu Mandalam,Prakasam District
130 Singarayakonda Nandanavanam S.Krishna Chaitanya 9959758483 Nandanavanam PO,Zarugumalli Mandalam,Prakasam District
131 Singarayakonda Kanumalla K.Ramesh 9550021879 Kanumalla PO,Singarayakonda mandalam,Prakasam District
132 Singarayakonda Ulavapadu D.Yesupadam Ulavapdu PO,Ulavapadu Mandalam,Prakasam District
133 Singarayakonda Chagollu T.Tirumala Rao 9848345745 Chagollu PO,Ulavapadu Mandalam,Prakasam District
134 santhamagulur Vellalacheruvu R.Anjaneyulu 9704897077 Vellacheruvu PO,Santhamaguluru mandalam,Prakasam District
135 santhamagulur P.S.Magulur B.Srinivasa Rao 9581384895 P.S.Magulur PO,Santhamaguluru mandalam and Hq, Prakasam District
136 santhamagulur Ballikurava B.Srinivasa Rao 8179806259 Ballikurava PO,Ballikurava mandalam,Prakasam District
137 santhamagulur Kundurru D.Kondalu 9676024799 Kundurru PO,Santhamaguluru mandalam,Prakasam District
138 santhamagulur Elchuru N.Srinivasa Rao 8464945822 Elechuru PO,Santhamaguluru mandalam,Prakasam District
139 santhamagulur Sajjapuram J.V.Srinivasa Rao 9676352672 Sajjapuram PO,Santhamaguluru mandalam,Prakasam District
140 santhamagulur Kommalapadu N.Sunil Kumar 9959333626 Kommalapadu PO,Santhamaguluru mandalam,Prakasam District
141 Town Branch Guravareddypalem B.Venkat Reddy 9949341560 Guravareddypalem PO,Santhanuthalapadu mandalam,Prakasam District
142 Town Branch Ammanabrolu M.Rajesh 9440807657 Ammanabrolu PO,Naguluppalapadu mandalam,Prakasam District
143 Town Branch Pernamitta B.Subba Reddy 9177058383 Pernamitta PO,Santhanuthalapadu mandalam,Prakasam District
144 Town Branch Konijedu M.Chiranjeevi 9700652789 Konijedu PO,Tangutur mandalam,Prakasam District
145 Town Branch Mangamuru N.Yesu Babu 8686368400 Karavadi PO,Ongole mandalam,Prakasam District
146 Town Branch Karavadi B.Ramanjaneyulu 9704977330 B.Dhenuvakonda PO,Addanki Mandalam,Prakasam District
147 Town Branch B.Dhenuvukonda P.Sandeep 9666724011 Doddavaram PO,Maddipadu mandalam,Prakasam District
148 Town Branch Doddavaram K.Srivani 9553596641 Kothapatnam PO,Kothapatnam mandalam,Prakasam District
149 Town Branch Kothapatnam T.Prasad 9032218482 S.R.Palem PO,Ongole mandalam,Prakasam District
150 Town Branch Sarvereddypalem A.Venkateswarlu 9640866068 PeddaKothapalli PO,Maddipadu mandalam,Prakasam District
151 Town Branch Pedakothapalli G.Anjaiah 9491707418 Nandipadu PO,Maddipadu mandalam and Hq, Prakasam District
152 Town Branch Nandipadu N.Ramachandra Reddy 9963671081 Mangamur P.O, Santhanuthalapadu Mandalam, Prakasam District
153 Tangutur Tangutur D.Srinivasulu 9603042476 Tangutur PO,Tangutur mandalam,Prakasam District
154 Tangutur Chirrikurapadu N.Srinivasulu 9703657594 Chirrikurapadu PO,Zarugumalli Mandalam,Prakasam District
155 Tangutur Valluru Sravan Kumar 9491909149 Vallur PO,Tangutur mandalam,Prakasam District
156 Tangutur Zarugumalli D.Sesha Reddy 9866520698 Zarugumalli PO,Zarugumalli Mandalam,Prakasam District
157 Uppugunduru Neelayapalem A.Pavan 9010505992 Neelayapalem PO,Chinaganjam mandalam,Prakasam District
158 Uppugunduru Uppugunduru N.Koteswara Rao 9951525802 Uppugunduru PO,Naguluppalapadu mandalam,Prakasam District
159 Uppugunduru Raparla S.Ramesh Kumar 9505600595 Raparla PO,Naguluppalapadu mandalam,Prakasam District
160 Uppugunduru Edumudi Radha Krishna 9177109499 Edumudi PO,Naguluppalapadu mandalam,Prakasam District
161 Uppugunduru Obannapalem N.Anjaneyulu 9963238643 Obannapalem PO,Naguluppalapadu mandalam and Hq, Prakasam District
162 Yerragondapalem Yerragondapalem Syd.Ahmmad 9441366161 Gurrapusala PO,Yarragonda palem mandalam,Amanigudipadu Hq, Prakasam District
163 Yerragondapalem Veerabhadrapuram M.Mahammad Raffi 9440580297 Mutukula PO,pullacheruvu mandalam, Mannepalli Hq, Prakasam District
164 Yerragondapalem Gurrapusala D.Mallikarjuna Reddy 9441275324 Veerabhadrapuram P.O, Yerragondapalem Mandal, Prakasam District
165 Yerragondapalem Mutukula T.Poli Reddy 8897546402 Yerragondapalem PO,Yarragonda palem mandalam,Prakasam District
166 Yerragondapalem Pullalacheruvu Sk.M.Basha 9000760900 Viswanadhapuram PO,Tripurantakam mandalam, Vellampalli Hq, Prakasam District
167 Yerragondapalem Mittapalem A.Rejesh 9581262888 Pullacheruvu PO,Pullacheruvu mandalam,Prakasam District
168 Yerragondapalem Tripuranthakam M.V.Subba Lakshmi 7702185388 Tripurantakam PO,Tripurantakam mandalam,Prakasam District
169 Yerragondapalem Viswanadhapuram G.Venkata Reddy 9948890391 Mittapalem PO,Tripurantakam mandalam,Prakasam District
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