Consequent on the bifurcation of erstwhile composite cooperative central bank GUNTUR, NELLORE, KURNOOL, The DCC Bank PRAKASAM was registered on 27.10.1975 and commenced business on 05.11.1975.

The Bank was located in the capital of Prakasam District ,Ongole Opposite Head Postoffice, Governor Road ,Ongole and established in 1975 with Cooperative spirit and serve among the farmers community through Primary Agriculture Cooperative Society by providing Short Term, Medium Term, Long Term Loans with the financial support of NABARD, APCOB and RBI.The area of operation is the entire District, with a network of 34 branches and 169 PACS and other functional societies affiliated to the bank.

All the 34 bank branches are providing services to customers through Core Banking Solutions (CBS) with the guidance and support of APCOB and NABARD, we have also ready to introduce online banking. We have distributed Rupay cards among the farming community in our district.

  1. Date of Registration : 05.11.1975
  2. Date of commencement of Business : 27.10.1975
  3. R.B.I License Issued Date : 13.10.1976
  4. No.of Branches : 34
  5. No. of Mandals covered: 56
  6. No. of Villages covered: 1093
  7. No.of PACS : 169
  8. No.of Ceded Societies : 8
  9. No. of members in PACS : 1,61,749
  10. Of which No. of borrowing members : 84,278
  11. No of Other Societies Financed by Bank : 64
    (Weavers, Employees, Etc).
  • Our Bank is offering higher rate of interest on all type of deposits in Prakasam District.
  • The Bank has been facilitating the farmers/customers by issuing several types of loans i.e KVRP Loans, ST – SAO Loans, Medium Term Loans, Long Term Loans, S.H.G Loans, J.L.G Loans, House Mortgage Loans, Personal Loans, and finance to Weaver Cooperatives.
  •  The Total Deposits of Bank as on 31.03.2023 stood at Rs. 841.07 crores and the position as on 31.03.2022 was Rs 801.73 crores.
  •  The Total loan outstanding of the Bank as on 31.03.2023 stood at Rs. 2028.10 crores and the position as on 31.03.2022 was Rs 1820..27 crores.
  •  The Total borrowings of the Bank as on 31.03.2023 were Rs 1359.67 crores and as on 31.03.2022 was Rs. 1241.73 crores.
  •  The Total investments of the Bank as on 31.03.2023 were Rs. 221.64 crores and as on 31. 03. 2022 was Rs. 221.85 crores.
  • The Bank CRAR Position as on 31.03.2023 is 11.52 %.
  • The Bank provided various services to the customers/farmers i.e ATM transactions through Mobile ATM VAN & ATMs & Micro ATMs.
  • The Bank is providing various services to the customers/farmers Rupay Card facility &KCC card facility RTGS/NEFT facility& SMS Alerts & Locker facility etc.
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