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Profit and Loss

Profit and loss for the year endedSch No.For the year ended 31.03.2021For the year ended 31.03.2020
Interest earned131,16,47,50,146.531,08,08,12,501.80
Other Income142,85,56,865.604,15,20,515.21
II. Expenditure
Interest expended1586,64,78,013.9887,18,34,860.30
Operating expenses1625,06,83,722.2720,96,34,728.39
Provisions and contingencies5,30,85,000.0093,16,000.00
III. Profit/Loss
Net Profit before Tax (A-B)2,30,60,275.883,15,47,428.32
Income Tax
a)Current Tax58,03,810.231,15,491.80
b) Other Tax adjustments of earlier years1,08,45,418.20-
Profit after Tax64,11,047.463,14,31,936.52
Profit/Loss (-) brought forward1,27,337.11-3,11,77,262.30
IV. Appropriations
Transfer to statutory reserves16,34,596.14-
Transfer to other reserves32,13,040.731,27,337.11
Transfer to Government preposed/dividend--
Balance carried over to balance sheet16,90,747.691,27,337.11
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